River Tethys

Born to Uranus & Gaea, Tethys is one of the Titanides and the wife of Okeanos, the great river that encircles the earth.  By him she is the mother of the 3,000 Potamoi (rivers) and the 3,000 Okeanides.  The birth of all these children would necessarily have resembled the spawning process of marine animals such as fish.

Tethys is depicted in Greek vase-paintings attending the wedding of her grand-daughter Thetis.  She has the appearance of a woman and is accompanied, appropriately (considering the number of offspring she has), by Eileithyia the goddess of childbirth.




Tethys' Brothers and Sisters:

  1. Coeus
  2. Crius
  3. Cronus
  4. Hyperion
  5. Iapetus
  6. Mnemosyne
  7. Ocean
  8. Phoebe
  9. Rhea
  10. Theia
  11. Themis

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