1550 S. Hamlin in Lawndale

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Page last updated: February 2, 2007

Future site of the Chicago Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Museum

The vacant lot at 1550 N. Ashland at 16th is the site of the apartment building where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., lived with his family in Chicago in 1966. This lot has been vacant for at least six years. While photographing the site in January 2007, my friend and I found a little baggie with white residue from crack cocaine. A playground and school can be found next door.

It's time for a change, don't you think?

More information from the Cook County Assessor's Office:

Address PIN Description
1532 S. Hamlin Ave. 16-23-303-002-0000 Double vacant lot
1550 S. Hamlin Ave. 16-23-125-025-0000 Vacant lot where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived in 1966
1531 S. Avers Ave. 16-23-125-009-0000 Double vacant lot
1541 S. Avers Ave. 16-23-125-011-0000 Double vacant lot
1545 S. Avers Ave. 16-23-125-010-0000 Double vacant lot

1603 S. Avers Ave. across the street from 1550 S. Hamlin Ave.

More information on the abandoned building at 1603 S. Avers. Ave. from the Cook County Assessor's Office

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